Swim-EAR® quickly dislodges trapped water from the sides of the ear canal, allowing it to easily run out or just evaporate.

About Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmers ear, also known as acute otitis externa, is a painful condition resulting from inflammation, irritation, or infection.

Where to Buy

Our over the counter swimmers ear drops can be found at Walgreens and Walmart both in stores and online.

Swimmer’s Ear

If you or your child has ever experienced a great day at the pool or at the beach, then you probably know what water in the ears feels like. It may start as mild discomfort or clouded hearing, but it can intensify quickly.

If left untreated, water in the ear can lead to swimmers ear. Even pool or sea water that appears clear contains pollutants and harmful bacteria. If allowed to remain in contact with the ear, these could lead to a painful and unpleasant ear infection which may require a visit to the doctor and antibiotic treatment.

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What are Swim-EAR® drops?

Swim-EAR® drops are a drying agent. When used as instructed, Swim-EAR® goes to work immediately to relieve clogged water which can get trapped in the ear canal after swimming or bathing. Swim-EAR® uses the only FDA approved ear-drying formulation because it has been proven to be safe and effective. Swim-EAR® drops are available over the counter, without a prescription.

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