Dry Water in the Ear

Swimmer’s ear can be a very painful condition, resulting in nearly 2.4 million healthcare visits in the United States every year. Children in Orlando, Florida; Kissimmee, Florida; Gulf Shores, Alabama; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina areas are all at risk of contracting Swimmer’s ear through water activity in the ocean, lakes, swimming pools and even the bath tub.

If water becomes trapped inside of the ear canal, it can create a moist environment that fosters bacterial growth and leads to infection resulting in swimmer’s ear. Ear irritation, discomfort and redness are all identifying symptoms of swimmer’s ear, while advanced cases may include fever and swelling. Although children are more susceptible to contracting swimmer’s ear, teenagers and adults may also be at risk. To reduce the risk of more serious complications such as hearing loss, pain, heightened sensitivity and eardrum inflammation, it is necessary to take precautionary steps by completely drying water in ears using a preventative treatment.

Swim-EAR, A Swimmer’s Ear Preventative Treatment

Swim-EAR is a drying agent that is easy to carry on the go for immediate preventative treatment against swimmer’s ear. To easily dislodge water from the ear canal, simply add four to five drops of Swim-EAR to instantly free trapped water from the sides of the ear canal. This allows clogged water to evaporate. Swim-EAR is a preventative non-prescription product that is FDA approved, guaranteeing it is safe and effective for your child. Swim-EAR is not a form of treatment for children experiencing symptoms of swimmer’s ear such as pain, present swimmer’s ear infection, a perorated eardrum, have broken skin or ear discharge. To dry water in the ear quickly, locate Swim-EAR in-store at Walgreens, as well as online at a Wal-Mart near you.


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Today, even apparently clear pool or sea water contains pollutants and harmful bacteria.