Remove Water In Ears

Swimmer’s ear, also known as Otitis Externa, occurs when water becomes trapped inside the ear canal. If left untreated, this can cause bacterial and fungal organisms to spread, causing inflammation, irritation and/or infection, resulting in swimmer’s ear. It is important to remove water in the ears before harmful infection and irritation have a change to develop. By using preventative treatments children, teenagers and event adults can combat symptoms of swimmer’s ear which include pain, sensation that the ear is stuffed or blocked, fluid or pus draining from the ear, redness, swelling, swollen lymph nodes around the ear, sensitive to the touch or shaking their head, fever, a reduced level of hearing or even temporary hearing loss. Each year there are 2.4 million healthcare visits in the United States due to swimmer’s ear, including Gulf Shores, Alabama; Orlando, Florida; Kissimmee, Florida; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Branson, Missouri; Sevierville, Tennessee and Port Isabel, Texas.

Swim-EAR Effectively Unblocks Water In The Ear

Swim-EAR is to be used as a preventative medication. Those experiencing swimmer’s ear symptoms should contact their doctor immediately. Swim-EAR is a fast-relief drying agent, which works to quickly penetrate and unclog water that is blocked in the ear canal before it leads to harmful symptoms. For fast and effective relief, choose Swim-EAR, which is available nationwide and near you at Walgreens or both in store and online at Wal-Mart. Swim-EAR is an FDA approved making this product a safe and effective choice that is non-prescription and over the counter. Swim-EAR should not be used to treat symptoms of swimmer’s ear such as pain, a swimmer’s ear infection is present, ear discharge, areas with broken skin, or if you have a perforated eardrum. For maximum effectiveness use Swim-EAR immediately following swimming or bathing. Apply 4-5 drops per ear, turning the head side to side. Users can expect to experience a mild warming and/or tingling sensation.


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Today, even apparently clear pool or sea water contains pollutants and harmful bacteria.