Swimmer’s Ear Treatment

To prevent what could be painful symptoms of swimmer’s ear such as inflammation, irritation and infection occur, consider a preventative treatment. There are a variety of swimmer’s ear treatment options available such as topical treatments, acidifying drugs, antiseptic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-biotics; however, experts advise antiseptic and antibiotic eardrops as the preferred treatment method. Medicated eardrops offer safe, active, and effective relief. Children and adults are both susceptible to a wide range of symptoms from swimmer’s ear such as pain, sensation that the ear is clogged, ear discomfort, itchiness, redness, swelling, a sensitivity to touch or shaking their head, fever, reduced hearing and even suffer temporary hearing-loss.

Swim-EAR: Preventative Treatment For Swimmer’s Ear

Swim-EAR is a fast-relief drying agent that is used as a preventative for swimmer’s ear. To immediately unclog water blocked within the ear canal, it is recommended to use eardrops directly after water activity or bathing. For maximum effectiveness, apply 4-5 drops per ear, turning the head side to side. Swim-EAR is the only FDA approved eardrop product, making it a smart and safe choice that is available without a prescription and OTC. Do not use Swim-EAR if swimmer’s ear symptoms or infection are present, if there is any ear discharge or if your child has a perforated ear drum. Consult a doctor in all these cases.

Swim-EAR is available nationwide in areas near you including Orange Beach, Alabama; Panama City Beach, Florida; Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; Surfside Beach, South Carolina; Sevierville, Tennessee and Galveston, Texas. Find Swim-Ear at Walgreens, or both in store and online at Wal-Mart to relieve water blockage fast and effectively.

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